Shanty Theatre -The Salty Socks of Dunkirk

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Date start23/09/2011
Date end23/09/2011
VenueBickington Village Hall
A mysterious and fantastical tale

This is a story about a boy.  And a boat.  And some socks.  Set at the beginning of World War II and dripping with Brylcream, bunting and BBC broadcasts, a young boy has the world at his feet.  There is nothing he can't do.  There's no tree he can't climb, no race he can't win and no challenge he can't meet.  Until one day he finds his mother crying.  With Shanty's mix of mystery and musical mirth, stories come to life, adventures become history and socks become legend.

Performance at Bickington Village Hall

24th September at 6.30pm

Length of show: 1¾ hrs + interval (Refreshments available)

Tickets: Adults: £8 Children: £6

Please contact Joanna for tickets:
01626 824642 or