The Laughter Party

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Date start27/09/2010
Date end29/09/2010
Contact telephone01803 328385
VenueBabbacombe Theatre
AddressBabbacombe Downs
PostcodeTQ1 3LU
All you need for a party will be right here at the BABBACOMBE THEATRE with a superb new show for 2010, THE LAUGHTER PARTY.

We have fabulous lighting, great music, stunning costumes with feathers masks and lots of sparkle, gorgeous girls, handsome men, magical illusions and to top all that loads to make you laugh out loud!

Headlining this sumptuous show is Andy Oakley, a versatile comic who can turn his hand to anything. He will be taking you to Sherwood Forest, perform a spine tingling and somewhat unusual Phantom, be on the wrong side of the law and then to top it all prove he knows his alphabet, count to three and then take you to heaven!

Joining Andy we have the very beautiful, divine diva Ruby Washington, she will Get The Party Started with a dramatic entrance that will send you all of a quiver, Gary Richard our very own Welsh Dynamo, with the voice of a giant, which for someone so small in stature suggests he is singing from his boots, who also boasts a delightfully pitched comedic campness, will effortlessly extracts humour from any situation. Johnny Edwards, an internationally renowned comedy vocalist with the magic touch will have you all floating on air, Lisa Walker will ensure You Feel the Love, even though she will have a stab at making a grand gesture on behalf of the ladies with a sword. Louis Nayler a rising young and new vocal talent will impress with his performance is the icing on the party cake!

The colourful Danze Fantazy will ensure the sizzle and keep the party rocking with some fantastic footwork and just to prove this party is for all ages Kidz Aloud will be making a strong impression, making several appearances in numerous guises to compliment their talents.

Not to be missed this is the party to be seen at as we launch into a new decade, so please accept our invitation and come along and have a ball!