Election News 2010 - Newton Abbot

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General Election 2010 Newton Abbot

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The Conservatives have made their first election gain in Devon by taking Newton Abbot from the Liberal Democrats.

Richard Younger-Ross lost his former seat to Anne-Marie Morris who won by 523 votes, overturning the 2005 Lib Dem majority of 6,215.

The Newton Abbot seat was number 101 on the Conservative's target list.

Conservative leader David Cameron has become the UK's new prime minister after the resignation of Gordon Brown.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg will be his deputy after they agreed to the UK's first coalition government in 70 years.

Mr Cameron, who at 43 is the youngest PM in nearly 200 years, vowed to set aside party differences and govern "in the national interest".

Mr Clegg said he acknowledged some Lib Dem voters would have doubts about the deal but urged them to "keep faith".

Mr Cameron's party won the most seats in the general election last week, but not enough to secure an overall Commons majority, resulting in a hung Parliament.


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