Buckfast Abbey

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Buckfast Abbey

Since the middle ages, monks have always supported themselves and lived self-sufficiently. Since returning to Buckfast, the monks have produced their own food and made different wares for sale. Originally produced as a medicinal drink, its most successful product has been its tonic water.

The Abbey is also world – reknowed for its Bee Keeping and of course its famous honey produced from hives spread around the Abbey grounds & local farms.

It is also well known for its innovative stained glass and has over the last 50 years designed & produced windows for over 150 Churches.

Buckfast Abbey welcomes thousands of visitors every year and true to Benedictine Rule all are welcome.

On site there are places where you can stop for morning coffee, lunch or afternoon tea.

The religious bookshops is one of the largest in the South West which serves clergy, schools and churches alike. There is also a large Children’s section, a rich selction of religious gifts, fine jewellery, sacred music and Christian greeting cards.

The Monastic Produce Shop has one of the most extraordinary collections of gifts made by nuns and monks from across Europe. Select from soaps, cosmetics, jams, candles, linens and devotional goods.

The Gift Shop sells a wide variety of gifts including a delicious selection of wines, biscuits and preserves including the famous Buckfast Tonic Wine.

Admission & Parking: FREE

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